Persang Aspire PK-8165 Karaoke Microphone

Aspire - A product crafted for the music lover who are passionate towards Karaoke, 1st time in India all songs recordable so sing and be your own singer idol.
Pitch Control to be a perfect singer as the machine tells you about your singing and you can improve your singing ability by singing on the right pitch.

Duet Wired Mic
Download Hindi Song List     Download English Song List     Download User Manual
■ Color change for Male/Female Singers so now no waiting for your turn, your system tells you when to sing a special sign for Male/Female on the screen which will tell you who will sing.
■ These songs are digitally configured.
■ Turn on/off switch of melody to learn new songs.
■ Total Song Bank of 6452 which comprises of (Hindi-2312, English-2364, Konkani-100, Gujarati-254, Bengali-70, Kannada-213, Malayalam-307, Marathi-136, Punjabi-172, Telugu-159, Tamil-280, Nepali-50, Bhojpuri-70).
■ Real time scoring to improve your ability.
■ Can connect extra wired or wireless MIC.
■ Pitch Control to be a perfect singer.
■ Alphabetical & Numerical Song search.
■ Key (Scale) control to suit your voice.
■ Echo control.
■ Music & Mic Volume Increase/Decrease.


A dynamic real time scoring function.
i-FUN will catch up every pitch and showing on the screen when singing and can be used to learn new songs and can be switched off and on.

Recording & Favorite Function

Song Reserve up to 150 songs.
Song Favorite up to 150 songs and store your favourite songs which you sing again and again.
Select Song List by Alphabet, Number by songbooks.

Plug & Play

Simple Connect RCA Cable to TV.
Set your TV to External Video Mode
Play and Enjoy Singing

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