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Karaoke HUB is a market leader & and India’s largest seller of Karaoke System.
“Karaoke HUB” efforts to enhance it's presence of it's brand all over India and to strengthen profitable growth. We focus on maximizing our leadership in the music industry by achieving profitable and sustainable growth in business as well as increasing our market share.

With Karaoke HUB as it transforms itself into a leading company in India, Which deals in all Karaoke brands available in India Such as PERSANG , MAGIC SING and KORTEK.

Persang Karaoke

Persang Karaoke has the karaoke systems with excellent sound quality. Our song bank includes over 5000+ songs that have already been loaded in the system, and includes the most popular songs of 12 different languages which are Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, Punjabi, Gujarati, Bengali, Konkani & Nepali.

Magic Sing Karaoke

Enter-Tech karaoke system company, introduces the new edition of Karaoke Mic. This is perfect for anyone who seeks a karaoke product with a rich sound quality and high performance.

You can select and enjoy singing your favorite collections of songs whenever and wherever you desire.
The 'Magic Sing a long' Multimedia microphone has full karaoke functions embedded in micro-computer chips.
It works as a plug-and-play device and users need only to connect it to a video to enjoy full-scale karaoke at home.
'Magic Sing-a-long' provides background picture, music and lyrics on the TV screen. The unit allows manipulating the voice, key selection, tempo, digital echo, volume/tone control, surround sound, list search, musical instruments, and more. All selections and menus are displayed on the screen. Songs can be book-marked for easy and quick future play.
With a selection of hundreds of songs, and slots for additional "song chips" for even more songs, the fun and magic never ends.

Persang Dzire Aspire Plus


Kortek Electronics, an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, is a leading electronics manufacturing services (EMS) and OEM provider in the country combining key innovations with unparalleled experience and comprehensive capabilities resulting in delivering high quality cost effective solutions for the consumer electronics market. Kortek Electronics has provided its customers with a wide range of products followed with outstanding customer centricity and service by taking ownership and delivering on commitments. Currently, they are manufacturing DVD Players, Karaoke entertainment systems & LCD`s.

The first company to launch its own line of Karaoke Entertainment Systems, as well as launched the first ever Karaoke Club in India named “The Big Show" and launched “Magic Sing” in India in 2006.

Persang Dzire Aspire Plus

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Persang Dzire Aspire Plus
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