Mera Gana Koraoke

Karaoke Microphone MeraGana – Now you can download your own choice songs from website.

Only Mera Gana Kortake
With Duet Mic
Only Duet Mic
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■ Enjoy sing along (Karaoke) in any party or function.
■ This is the new generation Karaoke (Sing Along) Microphone.
■ It has Song Video with lyrics (words) which appear on the TV.
■ No heavy Karaoke system to walk around with.
■ The Microphone fits into your hand bag.
■ Simple Plug and Play with Audio Video Out to TV.
■ No More poor quality of midi sounds.
■ Digital Echo which gives your voice the sound being on a stage and adds a professional sound to your performance.
■ Digital Pitch / Key Control.
■ Can use a SD card of upto a capacity of 32 GB, can store upto 8,000 songs.
■ User friendly user interface to control all functions.
■ No more expensive song chips to buy for your choice of songs. Download what you want.
■ A large selection available from You can add songs that you want.
■ Microphone input available to attach another microphone to sing duets.
■ Volume Control.
■ Recording Function can mix your voice and music.
■ PAL Compatible (If you need for NTSC, please specify at the time of order).
■ An excellent gift for your friends and relatives.

Transform your TV into a complete Karaoke Studio with the MeraGana HandHeld Karaoke (Sing along) Studio Microphone (with 1,000 Indian Songs) Songs on SD card (Songs are not built in so songs can be changed and added the way you want, as per your choice).

Get the MeraGana HandHeld Karaoke (Sing along) Studio Microphone (with 1,000 Songs) for Rs. 6,980/-

1,000 Songs included. You can add unlimited songs of your choice to the microphone by downloading them from

The MeraGana HandHeld Karaoke Studio Microphone contains everything for you to plug it into a TV and begin to sing, so you can "take the party with you".
Microphone can playback MeraGana's KAM format which uses real studio recordings of instruments.
Sound quality is much better than the midi format used by other microphones.

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