Persang New Dzire PK-8162 Karaoke Microphone

Now your DZIRE accomplished 1st time in India all songs recordable so sing and be your own singer idol. Lyrics in Hindi and English. Total Song Bank of 6935 which comprises of (Hindi, English, Konkanni, Gujarati, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi, Telugu, T1amil, Nepali). A dynamic real time scoring function.

Language Hindi English Gujarati Bengali Kannada Konkani Malayalam Marathi Punjabi Tamil Telugu Nepali Bhojpuri Total
No. of Songs 2545 2364 254 133 213 99 307 166 171 400 159 50 74 6935

2.4 GHZ Wireless Microphone

One Poerful Wireless Microphones Distance up 80 feet max. (As per test condition).
Download Hindi Song List     Download English Song List     Download User Manual
■ HDMI port (High definition multimedia interface)
■ Tempo +/- (To adjust the speed of the song while singing)
■ Key (Scale) +/- (To adjust the scale of the song)
■ Mic Volume +/- ( To adjust the volume of the Microphone)
■ Echo +/- (To increase / decrease the echo / reverb of the song while singing)
■ Built in 3 stage reverb
■ Digital sound
■ 2.4 Ghz wireless microphone
■ Single card of 16 GB
■ 6935 total Songs (Hindi 2545 songs).
■ Skip for song paragraph jump
■ Replay of the song (Replay the same song to practice)
■ Background on/off
■ Sound analog and digital
■ On screen full menu while playing song
■ Score on/off separate
■ Dual system PAL/NTSC, so can be played anywhere in the world
■ Power source 100-270 volts 50 hz (System can be played anywhere in the world)
■ Light weight receiver of 164gms
■ Microphone 131 gms x 2 Nos = 262 gms
■ Output resolution of 1280*720,720*576(PAL)
■ Light weight full function remote control
■ Microphone and remote operated
■ All songs recordable in high quality wave format
■ Singer identification by pictures
■ User friendly search on screen
■ 1st time in India a system which tells you Male/Female/Chorus singing
■ Music & Mic Volume Increase/Decrease


Dynamic real time scoring function.
i-FUN will catch up every pitch and showing on the screen when singing.
Can be used to learn new songs.
And can be switched off and on.

Peripheral Devices

Adaptor, AV Cable, USB Cable, Song Book and Manual Book

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