Persang PK 3300 Speaker

A product specially designed for music lovers with built in Radio and will give special effect to your voice and customers having LED/LCD should buy to enjoy good quality sound.

Basic Rotatory Knobs
■ Treble – Rotate Clockwise for Treble + & anti clockwise for Treble
■ Bass – Rotate clockwise for Bass + & anti clockwise for Bass
■ Volume – Rotate clockwise for Volume + & anti clockwise for Volume
Other Push Keys
■ PP/Scan – Fuction Play/Pause in USB/MMC mode & auto scan in FM mode
■ Mode – For USB/MMC/Fm selection
■ Next/Tune + – In USB/MMC mode selects next song & in FM mode scans forward
■ Prev./Tune + – In USB/MMC mode selects previous song & in FM mode scans back
■ Line in, MMC – For selection b/w DVD & USB/MMC/Digital FM Receiver Module
■ Power – Power ON/OFF for USB/MMC/FM Function
■ Mode – Mode selection button, USB/MMC/FM is optional
■ Mute – Effective in both the modes – FM & USB/MMC
■ In USB/MMC mode is play/pause
■ In USB/MMC mode, select Prev/Next song & in the FM Mode, Tunes -/+
■ EQ – In USB/MMC mode, five sound button (Jazz, Rock, BAss, Normal, Class), can select based on your favorite
■ Vol – Effective in both the modes – FM & USB/MMC, decreases volume to min.
■ Vol +- Effective in both the modes – FM & USB/MMC, increases volume to max.
■ 0 to 9 – In the FM mode selects the radio channel & in the USB/MMC mode select the song
■ RPT – In USB and MMC/SD card playbility press once for repeat 1, press twice for repeat all and Press thrice for repeat OFF
■ SCN – FM mode is auto – search for radio frequency & auto save in channels
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