Crusaders Air Purifier XJ-2800

Crusaders Air Purifier XJ-2800
■ Portable & Light Weight Table top Air Purifier
■ Area covered up to 270 Sq ft.
■ Clean Air Delivery rate(CADR) – 120M3/hr
■ Best in class 6 Stage filtration system
■ Washable Pre filter ,Electrostatic charged Plasma filter, Activated carbon filter, Hepa filter 0.3 micron ,UV Lamp, Negative ions
■ Wind Speed Adjustment
■ Timer Mode
■ Smart ION & UV mode
■ Power consumption – 43W
■ Weight – 4.5Kg
■ 1 Year Brand Warranty

Suitable for installation at:

Home(Bedroom,Living Room)
Offices(individual rooms, conference rooms)
Hospital room, Small OPD, nursery, dialysis, OT, ICU

Any closed Room Application Ideal for people with:

Respiratory problems like Asthma, Bronchitis, TB etc.
Smokers and their near ones
People who are allergic to dust, pollen etc.
Pet owners.
People who in general want a healthy environment.
Best-in-class 6 Stage Filtration System
Area Covered up to 270 Sq.feet
HEPA filter + Carbon filter will last on average around 15 Months. Negative ion and activated carbon reduce smoke and odor.
Indian Manufacturer, Made for India, keeping in mind the pollution problems of India.

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